The Sister Effect Series
Book One: Darkness Found

Available March 2020

Jessica can also see dead people. Sometimes those dead people ask her to find things. She’s great at finding things. Except her sister, who went missing when they were little girls. When a spirit named Daniel reaches out to her for help, he promises to assist in finding her sister in return. Calen, her boyfriend’s brother has some freaky abilities of his own and she can’ help but feel a connection to him. He also claims to know about her special abilities and even more important, why her sister was taken in the first place.

Assassin For Hire
Available May 2020

Alimey works for a mob boss and has many titles: Informant, assassin, handler, but never housemaid! When her boss assigns her one last job, going undercover as a housemaid, for his daughter and son-in-law, she can’t say no. Alimey must find a way to fix everybody’s problems, smooth out the wrinkles, and babysit the surrogate mother, too. But when her own problems come out of the shadows, how can she be an effective ‘fixer’ if she can’t even fix her own issues?

Paranoid: Deja Vu
Available January 2020

Not even graduated from the training division of the FBI academy,  Kalina is invited onto a case that involves finding a cult leader and possible serial killer. She soon learns that her expertise lies in the fact that she’s personally connected to members in the cult as well as agents on the team. How far is she willing to go and how much is she able to sacrifice for the case? Her past? Her future? Her sanity?

The Prophecy of Three Series:
Book One: The Misguided Warrior (Available February 2020)

Book Two: Of Treason and Trust (Available April 2020)

Book Three: The Sheoli Daughter (Available June 2020)

Book Four: The Watcher’s Keep (Available July 2020)

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