Silent Chaos

chaosI’m tired. I want to sleep. First though, I wanted to share some personal thoughts. Last night I did some web browsing during my down time. (Don’t worry, I’m totally allowed to do so.) Of course, I should have been writing; had even made plans with my writing partner to do some story chatting. The work phone kept me busy and being up and down for a good five hours I didn’t even attempt getting into a detailed conversation of such importance. So I decided I would do some mindless, numbing web-surfing. What I got was so completely the opposite. I went to and sifted through a lot of their pages. I soon realized I was leading myself in the direction of reading what other writers were doing or had done. Their daily habits, their writing routines, tips, suggestions, ect. I read probably thirty pages. And those pages led me to probably another twenty or so. Continue reading