30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 5


I could travel the world and be satisfied. I suppose we all would, really. I had to give this challenge a bit more thought. I can’t say these are my top five places, however they are definitely places I would like to visit to.

Orcus Island is the largest of the San Juan Islands, which are located in the northwestern corner of Washington state inorcus San Juan County, Washington. I’ve been there once, in 1998. So why would I want to visit again? It’s a beautiful place to see. I certainly did not get enough time there. The real reason is because my head was in the clouds when I visited. So much so, that I didn’t ‘really’ get to see the beauty of the island. At the time, all I cared about was the guy in front of me. I wasn’t even in love with him. (That’s a whole other blog post…if ever it became one.) I have one single, solitary picture of the entire weekend experience and it is of a waterfall. Lovely picture. So I’d like to travel back there, alone this time, to breath in all that the island has to offer me.

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Sharing the Love -Totally True

So today while I was surfing the social media sites I came across this TOTALLY TRUE blog that I just had to share with you. ❤

Mia Botha is someone I’ve always enjoyed reading. She has this site called Writers Write and you should definitely check it out. But anyways….She wrote a blog titled “Help! I married a writer!” in which she talks about her relationship with her husband. She is the writer, not him, but she talks about what it is like (probably) being married to someone who holds to the craft of writing.

This post made me look at things from the perspective of my own husband. I pity him, really I do. LOL She lists (BTW I LOVE LISTS) seven reasons why living with a writer may be challenging. Now, I will not go into detail about all seven because I truly want you to check out her site. The one I most connected with was ‘fictional trauma’ in which she explains the emotional stability (or lack thereof) when it comes to dealing with the traumatic occurrences a writer endures with their fictional characters. She states ‘They are real people-to me‘ and that was so true for me. My characters come alive. I tried explaining to my husband (on a few occasions) how such and such character really dropped a bomb on me and decided they were going to do…or that they weren’t happy being a small character, that they wanted to be the main antagonist.  Continue reading

Conferencing and Pitching (Day 1)

Hello You Wonderful Peeps!

Intense Writing Here

Intense Writing Here



I’ve had…or, well, am having the incredible honor of attending the 2014 Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference in Colorado Springs and I must say WOW! These last two days have been spectacular. The conference brings a wealth of information, a remarkable list of professional names with the skills of the trade, and an all-around camaraderie any writer could ever hope to experience. First, I must say I may be a bit anal because I made me a creative ‘memory’ journal. I printed the material from the conference, cut, and pasted it into the book. Throughout my time here, I’ve been getting autographs of those I’ve met and spoken with and of course I’ve logged my workshop notes in it, as well as journaling my personal thoughts and feelings. (I’ve gotten lots of great comments on it so I don’t feel so silly having done so.)


lindaThursday, April 23rd, was the Prequel. I hadn’t intended on going, having accidentally signed up for it, but you know what, sometimes these things are meant to be. One of my workshops was led by Linda Rorhbough  and was titled: Pitch Perfect: 3 Steps to Getting Their Attention. May I first say this lady knows her stuff! Man, oh, man. I took this class because I am pitching for the very first time and I felt it was necessary information. And it certainly was. I realized how completely unprepared I was. LOL Though I left the class having gained a new understanding of ‘pitching’ I also left feeling deflated and uncertain about whether I should even attempt my pitch this year. I most definitely had my work cut out for me and had an inclination I wouldn’t be going to bed at a decent hour that night.

I was right. I stayed up until about 2 a.m. working on my pitch. I labored intensely over it, taking careful consideration all what I’d learned in Linda’s workshop. I’m telling you, this woman is brilliant! Her formula is so clear, so concise, and if you work it, it will work for you. Just a few things, and really, these are things I (and you) probably know but need to be reminded of. Then there are things you probably don’t know as well.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone. Linda said, “Nothing can change when you’re comfortable.” How true!
  2. She shared the basic elements of a log line. She even went so far as to suggest having a second log line.
  3. She shared what not to do during a pitch. One was “Don’t compliment your work.”

You should definitely visit her website. Even better, support her by buying her book, The Prophetess One: At Risk.

Overall, I would rate this workshop a solid 10/10 because she made me think, put me to work, and taught me a lot. And then gave me resources to continue my learning journey through her website. (Just go to articles and eat your heart out!)

(Reprinted from Pikes Peak Blog Writing from the Peak )

Linda Rohrbough has been writing since 1989, and has more than 5,000 articles and seven books to her credit along with national awards for her fiction and non-fiction. New York Times #1 bestselling author Debbie Macomber said about Linda’s new novel: “This is fast-paced, thrilling, edge-of-the-seat reading. The Prophetess One: At Risk had me flipping the pages and holding my breath.” The Prophetess One: At Risk has garnered three national awards: the 2012 International Book Award, the 2011 Global eBook Award, and the 2011 Millennium Star Publishing Award. An iPhone App of her popular “Pitch Your Book” workshop is available in the Apple iTunes store. Visit her website!

There is more to come. So stay tuned!



Silent Chaos

chaosI’m tired. I want to sleep. First though, I wanted to share some personal thoughts. Last night I did some web browsing during my down time. (Don’t worry, I’m totally allowed to do so.) Of course, I should have been writing; had even made plans with my writing partner to do some story chatting. The work phone kept me busy and being up and down for a good five hours I didn’t even attempt getting into a detailed conversation of such importance. So I decided I would do some mindless, numbing web-surfing. What I got was so completely the opposite. I went to www.brainpickings.com and sifted through a lot of their pages. I soon realized I was leading myself in the direction of reading what other writers were doing or had done. Their daily habits, their writing routines, tips, suggestions, ect. I read probably thirty pages. And those pages led me to probably another twenty or so. Continue reading