Book Review: From A Distance

From A Distance by Tamera AlexanderFrom A Distance by Tamera Alexander

A Timber Ridge Reflections Book 1

Elizabeth Westbrook enters Timber Ridge, Colorado set on taking the  perfect picture. One which will help her become an established photojournalist  in Washington, D. C. However, Elizabeth is living in 1875, a time in which  headstrong, career-minded women were not looked upon too kindly. Knowing this,  she withholds telling the fine people of Timber Ridge just what exactly brings  her to their small, quaint town.

Finally she finds the perfect scene and takes a picture. She knows this picture is the one. Moments before she can even  ponder further into her future standings with her home newspaper she witnesses  an event which causes her to lose all she has worked for. And Daniel Ranslett is  all to blame.

Daniel offers to make good on a promise to help her find  another scene worth capturing even though he doesn’t know that she needs the  picture for her job. All he knows is the woman has a passion and a hobby for  taking pictures. But Daniel is a gentleman and one who always honors his word.  Continue reading

Book Cover & Blurb: Survival Girl

survival girl

Survival Girl: Gritty, Inspiring Story of Heartbreak and Challenge Told in New Memoir

Tanya is a young woman on the emotional mend, and the ultimate Survival Girl. Her touching true story is told in all its tender detail in new non-fiction.

Fontana, CA – When all seems hopeless, one girl learns to live with determination and grit. It’s one young woman’s story of heartbreak, tragedy and ultimate healing in the newly released memoir from author, Survival Girl. The book is published by Outskirts Press.

Growing up in a troubled family with an abusive, alcoholic father, Tanya has skewed ideas about love and security that lead her into dangerous situations. Forced to leave home, she thrust into a series of hair-raising trials and tribulations, including a stint in jail. She’s a young woman whose life dreams are seriously derailed as she puts her life on hold to find her path. Continue reading