Book Review: Alone by Robert J. Crane

aloneBook Review: Alone by Robert J. Crane

(The Girl in the Box Series) Book 1

Sienna Nealon is seventeen years old. She has lived in her house with her mother since she was five years old. Her mother, who never ever let her outside of the house has a few rules. Some of these include: stay dressed at all times, wear your gloves at all times, don’t go outside ever, among others. She is punished whenever she breaks the rules her mother sets. When Sienna breaks a rule, her mother punishes her.

One day her mother disappears after punishing Sienna. After many days of no return, Sienna is forced to break a lot of rules when she finds two strangers in her home. On the run and in a world she’s never seen before, Sienna is uncertain of who to trust or where to go. But when she comes up against Wolfe, who’s in the mood to play with his prey before he finally does the job he was sent to do, Sienna finds herself nearly dead on the concrete ground one minute and in the care of the Directorate the next.

Though they give very little information, she learns from the Directorate, about a small percentage of people who hold mysterious powers, and Sienna for some unknown reason is a rare freakish gem around all the other freako jewels. She doesn’t understand her powers nor is she comfortable with them testing on her to find out.

Soon enough, she learns that Wolfe is a vicious, bloodthirsty monster who is determined to do whatever it takes to get to her. There comes a point when enough is enough and a person must stand up to what they fear the most and Sienna realizes she must either give herself to this crazy psychopath, whom no one can destroy much less injure or continue adding to the number of deaths all her fault. Continue reading