Book Cover & Blurb: Small Moments

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A Child Remembers “The Help”: Recollections of the Civil Rights Movement

Nashville, TN — Mary M. Barrow’s white, upper middle-class family was not unusual in the 1960s—she had a father who worked, a mother who stayed at home, brothers and sisters, and a full-time live-in African-American nanny named Amelia. Barrow is now a professional writer and a past board member for the National SEED Project for Inclusive Education (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity). This month, Barrow’s collection of stories from her childhood titled Small Moments: A Child’s Memories of the Civil Rights Movement is being released by Wise Ink Creative Publishing, just in time for Black History Month.

Small Moments is a retrospective chronicle of the sometimes-startling and sometimes-subtle ways racism was evident during the era through the eyes of an unknowing child. Barrow says, “Racism stole my innocence and replaced it with a deep sense of sorrow, mistrust, and alienation. Amelia’s life seemed endlessly sad, though I did not understand at the time how much of my pain was caused by racism.” Barrow believes that “confronting racism helps to establish an honest reality” of the world we live in and the past that shaped it.

Fans of Kathryn Stockett’s 2009 The Help will appreciate Barrow’s Small Moments. Containing an interactive Q&A, Book Club Questions, and a Reader’s Guide, Small Moments is a valuable tool to commemorate the steps made to combat racism in the 1960s and to educate readers about the lasting effects of racism, classism, and sexism. Continue reading