Six Things You Should Never Do

Are you going to make 2015 a successful year? Continue reading

Excuses and Hikes

nanoSeptember, and so far October, have been excellent in way of reviewing haunted houses. As for editing or writing…ugh. Yuck. Writing was just something that wasn’t working. I am slowly growing more used to my job. It’s been a rough ride though, I’ll admit. Life has been hectic and chaotic. For a long while now I feared my annual trip down NaNoWriMo land would be set aside this year.  I just don’t have the time to write amidst everything. Continue reading

Flesh Out, Lay Out, No Doubt


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Time Management. Are you good at it? How can you become better at it?

I must admit I’m not the very best at managing my time. I can juggle it pretty darn well however I always find things slipping between my fingers, things I’ve forgotten completely, and always always always….there is dirty clothes to be washed. Sigh.

Being a writer I have recently learned with all my hectic busy scheduling I have to accept the fact that I’m rarely ever going to have all the time I really need and want to concentrate and just sit uninterrupted to write or edit. I’ve accepted the fact that even 500 words a day is significant in the grand scheme of things. I mean, heck, 500 words a day can put a rough draft of a novel of 50K words in just over three months. After that it’s all a matter of going back in and adding, prettying up, and fleshing out the novel. I should be grateful for even having 500 words a day! Ha!

So what are some things I, and you, might be able to do to help manage time more effectively? Continue reading

The Hardest Part Is Saying Hello

startI’ve been dipping my toes, well, I take that back…I’ve been drowning myself lately in websites about productivity. So much so that I’ve been anything but productive. LOL But I’ve learned a few things over the week so I don’t feel that all has been a complete loss or waste of time. (That’s a good thing, right?)

I have learned a bit about myself throughout this so it has been a time of self-discovery. I’ve learned that I am definitely not a minimalist. I enjoy having things and I am not going to give up certain things in my life that I consider ‘creature comforts’ but I’ve also realized that I am also not prone to being addicted to a zillion time-wasting sites that many people find themselves captured by. I have Facebook but I a small group of close friends, less then fifty. I enjoy twitter throughout the day to pass the time when I find myself waiting in line, on lunch break, and such. I will sometimes spend an hour perusing StumbleUpon before bed to relax. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot that I turn to. I don’t engage in television anymore. (I quit that three years ago.) Continue reading