Midnight Musings 5/19/18

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I’d only just found peace. It creaked into my life, like an old man with a cane. Still, at least it arrived. I’d finally shut down the inner eye, calmed the visions, the voices. I could breathe a sigh of relief. Until i couldn’t. He stole the memories within me, and now being used against me. Taunting me, pressuring me back into the madness. What choices does one have when all choices are ripped away? Now I look down the barrel of a gun if I go one way and walk off a cliff if I go the others.

He tells me it’s time I pay my dues. The burden heavy, the debt too big. I think I’ll never be able to, but I must. To save Him. I will. I left the bag on the porch, at the door. Who knows what lies behind it. Within the bag is dirt, mud, dust. The first two buried the last once upon a time. How is it he can play god, raise life from that dust? Does it even matter?

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Open Mic Night at The Bard’s Town

It’s Poetry Month! Did you know that?

Today I attended an Open Mic night full of poetry and good people.

 It was at The Bard’s Town on, obviously, Bardstown Road. I’d never been there so this was a first time open mic as well as the restaurant. I arrived around 6:20. The show didn’t start until 7 but I like to get a good feel of the atmosphere and all.

I ordered me a salad with grilled chicken and a water, but then added a Sprite. I shouldn’t have. Lord knows I need to cut down on the sugars (that’s a whole other topic). I was quite pleased with the food. The salad looked beautiful and the chicken was juicy and added to the overall experience. Believe me, dry chicken or flavored wrong…it can kill the whole salad.
Looking around, there are only five people in the room at first. A lone gunslinger with a lot of facial hair. He’s dressed the part of a writer with his suede jacket and t-shirt. A couple sits in the single booth eating and laughing. A pair of two older women, both donning scarves, drink wine and talk quietly. (I just can’t do the whole scarf thing…makes me feel like a turtle.)

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A Poem: The End


Reprinted from http://bit.ly/1llYv8R

The End By: Michala Tyann

In between blood, the sun and the waves, everything traded places. until it kissed folly and touched gloom .

With the deserts and the forests, quaking and shaking I refused to be swallowed up by all of the chaos.

The colors dissolved. Obscurity grabbed control and I screamed, I sang a song that meant never to be heard, a song that my soul harbored deep within.

I wanted to put my hands over my ears and cry, My eyes stayed fixed above as new colors embraced my world, colors of labor and demise.

I felt the transformations I caressed the new order, Absorbed it, and disremembered the ways of old.

The stars fell, one by one, in a shower of lights. When one fell towards me, It whispered “do not be afraid.” I felt the pressure closing around me, taking my breath and then shoving it back into my soul.

The light faded into a gray, the knowledge, once and for all beaming a desolate blackness.

I heard a faint sound, Something dying, Something forgotten. Something finished.

Where I Was

Where I Waswhere i was

Pretty little blue eyes set
Upon the pale, shy girl of three
She held the great divide and
Protected me
From Monsters.
Safe from their reach
She alone heard my cries
And took those tears,
Formed her weapon.
Sliced the ache apart.

Quick, resilient girl of nine
Playing dolls, exposing secrets
Safely, among the absent.
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