Are You A Plotter or a Pantser?

pantser-or-plotter-writingWowza! Can I just say how super surprised I am this year. My story, Juliet, Missing is going fantabulous. I have just over 11K words already. What is so totally different for me this year is the fact that I’m not using an outline. That is a huge difference. I mean, you have no idea how significant that is for me.

For years I tried churning out novels but I would only begin them, never finding an ending. I always stopped midpoint and gave up. When I began my quest of writing The Prophecy of Three: The Oracle’s Warning, it was the first time I wrote out a long outline. I had something very every single chapter, from start to finish. Yeah, sure, the outline would change frequently as the story progressed but I still had that roadmap to the finish line. Continue reading