In Which I Start Anew

torturedThis last week I got to try my hand teaching English to 10th graders. Not the whole class; more like the last 25 minutes or so as the lead teacher had to leave. The students are working on adverbs. UGH! I may be wrong in my assumption but I believe that most of the world loathes adverbs. Writers probably more so. Ha!

And yet, when looking for a title for tonight’s post I purposely used one. Anew. Definition: in a new or different, typically more positive, way.

For quite some time I have been burdened with this inability to do any real writing. No. I think that might be a lie. I’m not sure. I haven’t attempted it with my whole heart so perhaps it isn’t quite an inability. I just can’t find the motivation or inspiration to do so. I have all these ideas and even write down the story ideas but I do nothing with it.

My fantasy book, in which book two needs to be written, is torture for me. I can’t seem to find any umph or mojo to write this. Even with my writing partner, who BTW, has produced three chapters for this book already, and I can edit just fine. Yet my desire and motivation to collaborate by writing my portions…remains empty. It makes me feel so gloomy and dare I say…empty. Continue reading

Time of Death…Wait!

flatlineI have been a bit stranded in regards to my antagonist in my trilogy. Though book one is finished and I felt for the most part it had an extremely strong protagonist, fabulous supporting characters, and a storyline that moved at a good pace, I still couldn’t help feeling a lackluster emotion about my supreme ‘bad guy’. His henchmen, if you could call them that (as they aren’t directly related to the antagonist’s purpose, were great at their assisting roles in the story. And yet, though all these key elements connected and made for an overall good story, I just wasn’t satisfied. Continue reading