Podcasts Illuminations Equals Change

Tonight I listened to The Creative Penn Podcast “My 2017 Goals. Plus Visualization and Positive Thinking for Authors with Nina Amir” I must say, it was very inspiring. If you are a professional writer, or like me, a struggling writer, … Continue reading

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 2

full circleWe hear so many things about ourselves from the time we are able to comprehend words, phrases, and sentences. Compliments, putdowns, inspiring words, and the like. It can sometimes be difficult to sift through all that people say to us as we fight to develop our ‘true self’. Some people pass on words as blessings and prophesies. Other times we fight to back away from words that threaten our potential. And then there are the moments of complete chaos as whether we like it, words sink in, grab hold of us, and shift our lives.

Todays writing challenge activity is to WRITE SOMETHING THAT SOMEONE TOLD ME THAT I’LL NEVER FORGET. This challenge requires one to sit back and think upon all the words we’ve heard. I have to look under dark crevices, peek into shadows that I may have forgotten exist, and open up cobwebbed infested mental filing cabinet drawers. It’s not an easy activity. Especially for me because my memory is not good.

I could look as far back as the time I was a toddler. And what about that hardass but favorite English teacher…she said some pretty important things to me. And of course my mother has spoken powerful words to me.  There were many things told to me that I’ll never forget. Continue reading

The Crap-Rut Place

rutI’ve had a crappy week. How about you? I don’t know what’s contributing to the crappiness. Maybe it’s just me. Who the hell knows! All I know is I’ve gotten nothing, absolutely nothing really accomplished in my life lately. Perhaps I’m just being extremely too critical of myself. Allow me for a moment to back myself a bit and look at things for a moment with, hopefully, a less depressed and critical eye.

I decided the novel I finished with my co-writer last year wasn’t working. Exactly what wasn’t working, I had to figure out. So I took my novel, shrunk down the font size to as small as I could and still manage to read it, made it single space, and then printed out the whole damn thing. Then I looked at the WIP with as much scrutiny as I could muster…which is a lot! The last few chapters were definitely not working for me. And I realized the opening chapter sucked too. But that’s cool. I’m alright with that. Then I sorted each chapter into piles of main character POVs. I realized my lead protagonist wasn’t receiving the attention he should. Okay. I can work with that too. Alright, so I’ve got a lot of reworking to do. Cool. That’s progress at least, right? Continue reading

The Hardest Part Is Saying Hello

startI’ve been dipping my toes, well, I take that back…I’ve been drowning myself lately in websites about productivity. So much so that I’ve been anything but productive. LOL But I’ve learned a few things over the week so I don’t feel that all has been a complete loss or waste of time. (That’s a good thing, right?)

I have learned a bit about myself throughout this so it has been a time of self-discovery. I’ve learned that I am definitely not a minimalist. I enjoy having things and I am not going to give up certain things in my life that I consider ‘creature comforts’ but I’ve also realized that I am also not prone to being addicted to a zillion time-wasting sites that many people find themselves captured by. I have Facebook but I a small group of close friends, less then fifty. I enjoy twitter throughout the day to pass the time when I find myself waiting in line, on lunch break, and such. I will sometimes spend an hour perusing StumbleUpon before bed to relax. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot that I turn to. I don’t engage in television anymore. (I quit that three years ago.) Continue reading