Using Memories

memories“Where one secret lies, so do others.” (from my novel: Darkness Found)

The mind is a mystery. This much we all know and agree on I think. Our memories are held within the mind. Sometimes memories are repressed and come to surface days and even months later.

When writing we consciously put to use a lot of the things we have discovered, experienced, or witnessed. Our beliefs, our opinions, and even our ‘truths’ all become useful tools for writing. Whether you are writing a poem, nonfiction, or a fantasy novel the things inside your mind should be utilized as frequently as possible.

Not all reality is useful. Unfortunately, there is a lot of reality that is completely drab; lifeless examples which should be avoided at all costs. However the memories you hold have a unique way of taking on a life of their own. They can change, become distorted, or influenced by what others ‘remember’.

Believe it or not, the mood you are in one moment recalling a memory will take on different appearances mentally and when recalled under a different mood days, weeks, or months later will have a different feel to it. Continue reading