Book Cover & Blurb: Unspeakable!


Mother’s Touching Journal of Anguish and Despair After Loss Is Shared in New Memoir, Unspeakable! A Mother’s Journey

For a parent, there is no greater fear than the death of a child. Unspeakable! A Mother’s Journey is the frank, heart-wrenching account of one mother’s painful, unfathomable journey after the loss of her daughter.

Columbia, MD – Kay Armstrong Baker, like many proud mamas, looked forward to taking the joyful leap from motherhood to a new role as doting grandmother. On Aug. 27, 2000, all her hopes and dreams suddenly dissolved into a nightmare of unremitting, unimaginable pain. Baker recounts the tragic death of her pregnant daughter and her struggle to make sense of life in the aftermath of loss in the frank, touching new memoir, Unspeakable! A Mother’s Journey, published by Outskirts Press.

A pleasant family dinner was on the agenda that fateful day for Kay, her husband, John, and her daughter, Courtney. Courtney’s first trimester had been plagued with arrhythmia, dehydration, nausea, and migraines and seemed only to worsen with time. When word came from Courtney’s roommate that she was in the ER again, her parents were naturally concerned. But Courtney always landed on her feet. She’d get through this, too. Continue reading

Book Cover & Blurb: Small Moments

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A Child Remembers “The Help”: Recollections of the Civil Rights Movement

Nashville, TN — Mary M. Barrow’s white, upper middle-class family was not unusual in the 1960s—she had a father who worked, a mother who stayed at home, brothers and sisters, and a full-time live-in African-American nanny named Amelia. Barrow is now a professional writer and a past board member for the National SEED Project for Inclusive Education (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity). This month, Barrow’s collection of stories from her childhood titled Small Moments: A Child’s Memories of the Civil Rights Movement is being released by Wise Ink Creative Publishing, just in time for Black History Month.

Small Moments is a retrospective chronicle of the sometimes-startling and sometimes-subtle ways racism was evident during the era through the eyes of an unknowing child. Barrow says, “Racism stole my innocence and replaced it with a deep sense of sorrow, mistrust, and alienation. Amelia’s life seemed endlessly sad, though I did not understand at the time how much of my pain was caused by racism.” Barrow believes that “confronting racism helps to establish an honest reality” of the world we live in and the past that shaped it.

Fans of Kathryn Stockett’s 2009 The Help will appreciate Barrow’s Small Moments. Containing an interactive Q&A, Book Club Questions, and a Reader’s Guide, Small Moments is a valuable tool to commemorate the steps made to combat racism in the 1960s and to educate readers about the lasting effects of racism, classism, and sexism. Continue reading

Book Cover & Blurb: Bevel Down

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Boise, ID – Author Todd Langley’s debut novel, Bevel Down: the absurd tragic memoir of an Okie meth head, is receiving high praise for its thoughtful insights into the birth of meth culture. Now available through most major outlets, Langley’s narration pops off the page as he drags the reader into the dark folds of society’s underbelly.

What makes Bevel Down different from other drug stories is its refusal to offer any excuses for the behavior of its protagonist. There is no whining or blame in this twisted tale. Langley provides a gripping account of real people dealing with real consequences. He makes us care about people we don’t want to care about by showing us people that are at once familiar yet alien.

Diane Donovan at the Midwest Book Review raves, “The conclusion offers a satisfying blend of hope and despair: something not common in your typical singular novel, and highly recommended for readers seeking accounts of social challenges and community evolution.” Continue reading

Book Cover & Blurb: Recess is my Best Subject

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Debut Author Peggy Mastel Chronicles Her Unexpected Year as a Substitute Teacher in New Memoir, “Recess Is My Best Subject.”

Peggy Mastel’s debut memoir, Recess Is My Best Subject, is available from Fergus Publishing. Arriving in the midst of the ever-evolving debate on public education, the book chronicles her unexpected year as a substitute teacher in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, following the death of her son.

Sioux Falls, SD – Peggy Mastel’s debut memoir, Recess Is My Best Subject, chronicling her unexpected year as a substitute teacher in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is from Fergus Publishing. Mastel, a storyteller whose background varies from corporate training to broadcast news reporting, addresses important education-related topics—from parenting to teaching—while posing the deeper question: What can we do to help our schools thrive? Continue reading

Book Cover & Blurb: Survival Girl

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Survival Girl: Gritty, Inspiring Story of Heartbreak and Challenge Told in New Memoir

Tanya is a young woman on the emotional mend, and the ultimate Survival Girl. Her touching true story is told in all its tender detail in new non-fiction.

Fontana, CA – When all seems hopeless, one girl learns to live with determination and grit. It’s one young woman’s story of heartbreak, tragedy and ultimate healing in the newly released memoir from author, Survival Girl. The book is published by Outskirts Press.

Growing up in a troubled family with an abusive, alcoholic father, Tanya has skewed ideas about love and security that lead her into dangerous situations. Forced to leave home, she thrust into a series of hair-raising trials and tribulations, including a stint in jail. She’s a young woman whose life dreams are seriously derailed as she puts her life on hold to find her path. Continue reading

Book Cover & Blurb: Bittersweet Texas

bittersweet texas

Learning to Mend a Broken Heart: Bittersweet Texas

Author and horse trainer Sally F. Thompson’s new memoir will please any romantic at heart with its tale of a young Texas woman who learns to love again with the most unexpected of men.

Twin Lakes, WI – Author and career horse trainer Sally F. Thompson has released her romantic memoir Bittersweet Texas, Memoirs of a Horsewoman, published by Outskirts Press.  Thompson transforms a true experience of her own into a fully conceived tale about a woman whose unexpected and unusual relationship with a mysterious oil supply boat captain allows her to mend a broken heart and learn to love again, despite their uncertain future together. Continue reading

Book Cover & Blurb: Heroic Heart

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Emmy and Golden Globe Winning Television Producer/ Writer Russ Woody Releases his Memoir HEROIC HEART – A STORY ABOUT FATHERS AND SONS

NEW YORK – Most comedy writers can write drama, but writing heartbreak with warmth AND funny is something else altogether. Television producer/writer Russ Woody has done just that in his new memoir, Heroic Heart.

As we Baby Boomers move into our fifties and sixties, a primary focus for many of us is—or will be—caring for an aging parent. If the relationship was a troubled one, it’ll be rough. If the relationship wasn’t troubled, it’ll be even rougher. Continue reading