30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 5


I could travel the world and be satisfied. I suppose we all would, really. I had to give this challenge a bit more thought. I can’t say these are my top five places, however they are definitely places I would like to visit to.

Orcus Island is the largest of the San Juan Islands, which are located in the northwestern corner of Washington state inorcus San Juan County, Washington. I’ve been there once, in 1998. So why would I want to visit again? It’s a beautiful place to see. I certainly did not get enough time there. The real reason is because my head was in the clouds when I visited. So much so, that I didn’t ‘really’ get to see the beauty of the island. At the time, all I cared about was the guy in front of me. I wasn’t even in love with him. (That’s a whole other blog post…if ever it became one.) I have one single, solitary picture of the entire weekend experience and it is of a waterfall. Lovely picture. So I’d like to travel back there, alone this time, to breath in all that the island has to offer me.

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