Book Cover & Blurb: Unspeakable!


Mother’s Touching Journal of Anguish and Despair After Loss Is Shared in New Memoir, Unspeakable! A Mother’s Journey

For a parent, there is no greater fear than the death of a child. Unspeakable! A Mother’s Journey is the frank, heart-wrenching account of one mother’s painful, unfathomable journey after the loss of her daughter.

Columbia, MD – Kay Armstrong Baker, like many proud mamas, looked forward to taking the joyful leap from motherhood to a new role as doting grandmother. On Aug. 27, 2000, all her hopes and dreams suddenly dissolved into a nightmare of unremitting, unimaginable pain. Baker recounts the tragic death of her pregnant daughter and her struggle to make sense of life in the aftermath of loss in the frank, touching new memoir, Unspeakable! A Mother’s Journey, published by Outskirts Press.

A pleasant family dinner was on the agenda that fateful day for Kay, her husband, John, and her daughter, Courtney. Courtney’s first trimester had been plagued with arrhythmia, dehydration, nausea, and migraines and seemed only to worsen with time. When word came from Courtney’s roommate that she was in the ER again, her parents were naturally concerned. But Courtney always landed on her feet. She’d get through this, too. Continue reading