Pills, Roadtrips, & Bookstores

 So I’ve been sick for the last twelve days or so.  Because I’m in between jobs and that new insurance on the new job has yet to kick in I went to a little clinic inside Krogers…called The Little Clinic. Ha! Really…. They were very nice and told me I had Shingles. Lovely. The medicine they wanted to give me was way expensive but fortunately they had an alternative. So instead of taking one pill twice a day I get to take 4 pills five times a day. I don’t know which was worse: Having shingles or having that many pills to swallow every day.

As if that wasn’t bad enough I ended up with the flu…or it’s not so distant cousin. Who knows. Friday was hell for me. Totally. My defenses were down, my immune system was at a low point, and the students I teach had completely no sympathy for me whatsoever. (Do middle schoolers even know what that word is?)

I went home and crashed into my bed (after taking another four pills) and didn’t wake up until 9:40 am today (or um…Saturday-I just noticed it’s after midnight now). I did a quick mental full body scan and decided I wasn’t dead and so I must…without a doubt, no hesitation, get my ass up and get dressed, and get on the road.  Continue reading