Something Witchy This Way Comes Book Review

Something Witchy This Way Comes (Jolie Wilkins #5)

by H.P. Mallory

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            Jolie never asked to be Queen of the Underworld. She has been forced every step of the way. She never asked to be a witch. She never asked to wage war against others from the Underworld. Be that as it may, she takes everything very seriously. Especially the Lurkers who are threatening the very existence of the Underworld and all those she cares for and rules over. So she isn’t about to bow out of this gracefully.

            When the Lurkers start messing with her head, telling her things she doesn’t know what to make of or whether she can believe or not…she isn’t sure who to go to if anyone at all. And even though she has the most powerful Warlock on her side, she doesn’t feel comfortable talking to Rand about the things that she hears and sees.

            And then there is Sinjin. He made the ultimate wrong powerplay in forcing the past to be altered. For that, Jolie must show everyone there are consequences…even when she doesn’t agree with the harshness of such consequences. And with him out of the picture, with the Lurkers ever more present, Jolie is heading into some darkness that she just may not be able to get out of. Continue reading

The Witch Is Back Book Review

The Witch is Back by H.P. Mallory

The Witch is Back by H.P.Mallory (Book 4 of Jolie Wilkins Series)
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Jolie is thrust in the her past immediately in the beginning of this novel. She is back to her Tarot Card reading days in her Los Angeles fortune-telling business. Everything is back to how it was before she learned she was a witch and things are playing its course all over again. Except this time, instead of meeting Rand first…she meets Sinjin. She immediately feels the electric chemistry, as she always had but this time she goes for it. Sinjin scares her and she is shocked to learn he is a vampire; even more shocked to learn she is a witch.

And then, in walks Rand Balfour, who she can’t help but feel as if she knows him more than she does. Sinjin, however, tells her he is dangerous…tricking her with his magic. And she doesn’t trust him one bit after that. But Rand isn’t about to give up. Not after only finally bonding before Sinjin performed the spell to alternate Jolie’s past.

If I say anymore about this book I’ll surely give away some good stuff…and as they say on Doctor Who…No Spoilers!  I wouldn’t begrudge you the chance to read and experience everything for yourself. And believe me…this is one you definitely don’t want to miss! If you’ve read the first three books…this one is the one everybody has been waiting for. Sinjin gets his chance…his big role and Mallory doesn’t displease! Continue reading

Toil and Trouble by H.P. Mallory Book Review

Toil and Trouble by H.P. Mallory

Toil and Trouble (Jolie Wilkins, #2)


So I dived right into book 2 of the series and finished it in one day. It was totally awesome and I am already half way through book 3. But, again, let’s focus on this one. LOL
Jolie finds herself in the center of the underworld civil war and its all about her. While she still struggles with her feelings with Rand and his incessant ‘we can’t do this’ because of his torn emotions of love and his call of duty and she can’t help but wonder if he will ever come around.
It doens’t help that she has a very sexy vampire who is determined to have her as his own. The warlock and the vampire are constantly going at it. Sometimes it does annoying reading it…but Mallory does well to hold the readers attention and interest.

Jolie defends herself against some mega fairy magic and it nearly kills her. The impending war has increased all around her and the man she loves is refusing to let fight in the war. This just won’t do for Jolie as she is determined to exact her own revenge on the one man who nearly killed her and so she seeks the help of the one who Rand detests…the vampire that seeks to claim her for his own.
As if all this isn’t enough, she is in for the biggest shock of her life when she is ripped away from everything she knows.
This book was, if it is possible, even better than book one. I totally couldn’t put this down. I read it straight through…even though I had worked an all nighter and needed sleep for the next all nighter the following day. I just couldn’t stop reading. I would say that near the end…everything changed for a bit and I felt a bit of a culture shock. I didn’t like it at first but then I was amazed with Mallory’s tale-spinning abilities and saw just how important this piece was. Amazing.
VERDICT: YET ANOTHER 10/10. If I could I’d rate it 12/10…but that’s kind of impossible. LOL



Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory Book Review

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

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It all started with an innocent download onto my Kindle Fire. I didn’t even have to pay for the first book in her Jolie Wilkins Series. But of course…isn’t that how addictions are created? Ha! So I must admit this first novel is either a big hit or a big miss and you either love or hate it. For those who love it…the books keep getting better. (But I must stay on book one.)

If you keep up with the site I had opened the book as a FIRST & LAST experience in which I reviewed the first and last sentences. Even in my orginal review I was eager to propel myself into the story. I wasn’t disappointed in the least.

The Story

Jolie is your basic run of the mill tarot card reader and psychic. She operates her business with her best friend and she isn’t making mad money with her skills but she does know that her skills are real. And oh how real they are! Continue reading