Podcasts Illuminations Equals Change

Tonight I listened to The Creative Penn Podcast “My 2017 Goals. Plus Visualization and Positive Thinking for Authors with Nina Amir” I must say, it was very inspiring. If you are a professional writer, or like me, a struggling writer, … Continue reading

Hello Strangers!

fullsizerender I know that I’ve really sucked at blogging as of late. It took me a while to adapt to my new job and the hours (and driving) that comes with it. As a family crisis counselor, I travel to family homes and assist them with intensive in-home therapy three times a week per family. I love my job, but it did take me a good while to get my schedule under control, learn the job expectations, and develop my own style for success.

Needless to say, my writing was put on hold. I took 2016 off from writing in almost every way. It did not hurt. However, I am finding that beginning is hurting. I lost my motivation, lost my routine, lost some creativity, and honestly, I felt I lost a huge part of myself. Granted, story ideas, characters, and plot twists played within the confines of my mind so I can’t say I quit E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Continue reading

Going For It Will Cost You

Let’s say hypothetically, you know what you want. You know what you want to obtain. You know what you are reaching for. Okay? Let’s just say all that. (I hope it’s true.) Now, let’s go one step further and say that you are not going to stop until you get what you want or where you want to go. Okay? Cool.

Here are some important things you need to know…

 It’s totally going to cost you. Yep. Sorry, but it’s the truth. It will cost you in a number of ways. Let’s say things get tough and well, it’s just too tough for you. I hope you wouldn’t do it, but a lot of people just give up when things get tough. (We-you and me…we aren’t going to give up though. RIght. Damn right!) However, if you were to give up (and I’m just saying this even though it won’t happen- IF you were to give up, it has cost you YOUR GOAL.)

When things get tough, it’s the complete truth that you will get frustrated, stressed, self-pity, shame, upset, agitated, sad, maybe even depressed. And when you are under such emotions you tend to make the WRONG choices. Don’t. When things get this way you need to make the HARD choices. The RIGHT choices. Even when you feel like doing the exact opposite, you must choose to make the right choices. Even this will sometimes cost you. People around you may doubt your abilities, even your choices. This is when you need to look within. Look inside yourself and remember what it is that you want and tell yourself that you will not give it up, for anything. Even when your loved ones are shaking their heads and telling you to stop. Continue reading

Now That Nano is over….

Slay 50K Winner ShirtI’d like to thank everybody who’s supported me through such an endurance test. This was my third year of completing NaNoWriMo successfully. I did however attempt and fall short way more times than I won. I’ve learned a lot through those attempts and completions. Most of all I continue to learn and relearn that one important detail. Don’t give up. Tonight I was complaining. I was feeling lazy and I didn’t want to write. I’d already given four thousand words to the day and I still had eight thousand to go. My story had turned upside down and my characters were not cooperating. I essentially didn’t want to write. I didn’t even want to get out of bed. (And by the way folks…please listen to me when I tell you this>>>do NOT write in your bed. You’ll most likely not get a lot done. Kudos to those who can pull that off.) Continue reading

Turkey Day, Writing, and Goals

Does anybody find these creepy?

Does anybody find these creepy?

Today, last year, I finished NaNoWriMo with 50K words. Today, I stand at 12K words short. I’m a bit disappointed with myself because I believe I could have done this. Am I giving up? Well, I already said that I wasn’t going to. I intend on doing an all-nighter tonight. I believe I can probably get at least five or six thousand more words…who knows, maybe all 12K. *shrugging.

Tonight I went to Barnes and Nobles tonight in search of ideas for some of my goals for 2015. I made a lot of goals for 2014 and I basically completed them for the most part. A few will end up carrying over into the new year. Hey, I’m not perfect. But I am working on a good number of new goals. I’m not exactly thrilled with where things stand for me right now but a lot of that is not a lack of getting things done. It’s just a feeling of my own. Does anyone get that?

I won’t go into detail about my goals just yet. Let’s save those for December. Yes? I will say I have lots to munch on mentally. Continue reading

Confession, Promise, and Goals


A great number to begin with!

Hi. My name is Michala and I’m a writer. WTH!!!! How the heck can I call myself a writer if I’m NOT writing?

I see that it has been an entire month since I last posted. That is just no good. I came back from my writing Conference with some great goals and boy did I fall flat on my ass!

I think I’ll wait until January 1st to make new goals and begin anew. NOPE…just kidding. It is always a good time to begin. Even to begin AGAIN. Yet, that is where I am at.

So here’s the scoop on the last month:

I quit my job at the hotel because I got offered a job as a full time counselor where I was interning. That means I am no longer working 7 days a week! How Cow, does that feel great! I love it. That means I can have more energy to write, yes? Continue reading