But I Want to be Socially Savvy…

heartI don’t know whether it is because I’ve grown so busy with life (teaching/lesson plans/ect) or whether I got lazy or whether I fell out of writing or what…

but I really do want to be socially active. When I had my blog Bitemybook I did a lot of blogging. I reviewed books, I wrote interesting articles, and I was definitely active. So much that I wanted to revive the site, and I did (for a brief minute.) I just found that wordpress gets so much more action and more people are able to see me on my drowninginwords site. So I stuck with what worked. It was different because I had some awesome people helping with my previous blog and this one is solely mine.

Anyway, I’m rambling. I do that sometimes. LOL

The purpose of this is to let you, my loyal followers and visitors, know that I intend to bring you more.

More of my life experience. More of my thoughts. More of my creativity. More of my writing. Essentially…more of me. You’re Welcome. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


Michala Tyann

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 2

full circleWe hear so many things about ourselves from the time we are able to comprehend words, phrases, and sentences. Compliments, putdowns, inspiring words, and the like. It can sometimes be difficult to sift through all that people say to us as we fight to develop our ‘true self’. Some people pass on words as blessings and prophesies. Other times we fight to back away from words that threaten our potential. And then there are the moments of complete chaos as whether we like it, words sink in, grab hold of us, and shift our lives.

Todays writing challenge activity is to WRITE SOMETHING THAT SOMEONE TOLD ME THAT I’LL NEVER FORGET. This challenge requires one to sit back and think upon all the words we’ve heard. I have to look under dark crevices, peek into shadows that I may have forgotten exist, and open up cobwebbed infested mental filing cabinet drawers. It’s not an easy activity. Especially for me because my memory is not good.

I could look as far back as the time I was a toddler. And what about that hardass but favorite English teacher…she said some pretty important things to me. And of course my mother has spoken powerful words to me.  There were many things told to me that I’ll never forget. Continue reading

I need space!

So, I have this small problem. I have a small living space. Now, I’m very blessed with my house but as my family grows (our kids are teens and preteens) our house seems to get smaller every time we have another birthday.

Being a writer, a professional teacher, and a hotel representative, and a mother of three (four if you count my husband…and I do) it’s so hard finding time and space to write. I used to go to various coffee shops, libraries, parks, and the like but I was always needed at home. It was just inconvenient and definitely a crux in my writing creativity. Imagine writing a great chapter only to have a phone call about where a book was or so and so won’t do what I told her. And obviously I can’t turn the phone off. They’re my kiddos. They need me. I totally get that.

But I NEED ME too. My creativity is hurting.  Continue reading

Personal Discoveries


portrait of my consciousness at this point in time

I couldn’t wait. I had to get my task done so that I could move to the next section of my new book. The task was to make a poster board pulling images and words that ‘spoke to me’. I immediately set out to Walgreen in the middle of the night and picked up a couple of magazines. I didn’t look inside them ahead of time either. I did browse the covers of them for a few minutes. Still, I stuck to what I knew and liked. I picked up Psychology Today and Mental Floss, deciding those two would be enough. 

I really got lucky (or again, the fates favored me). I started off without a clue what I was looking for. However, it soon became apparent what was speaking to me. You may not be able to make out the words but you can probably see all the light bulbs. In one corner are the statements of starting new habits and solving problems. And the rest of the board is all about uplifting my new creative strengths, sparking insights, finding those AHA moments, and even the routines and practices of other writers. I was pleasantly surprised with my board, and how it all came together so easily.  Continue reading

The TW attacks: Day One

bloom-where-you-are-planted-72The Tortured Writer continues her journey:

Day One:

Upon picking up the book The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron I observe a few things. The cover is not spectacular. It has trees and birds; a lot of brown. It is somewhat fitting as I don’t feel so spectacular with my writing either. At the bottom of the cover it says Starting from Scratch. This makes me nod my head in agreement. I feel like at this point I have done something to lose my direction, my creativity, my luster for writing. Perhaps I need to start from scratch as well.

Opening the book leads me to another somewhat bland but softer page. It isn’t the regular paper feel. It’s glossy, more artistic in a simple way page. It’s heading begins ‘in order to make art…’

It then states we must live an artful life. We must live a life that is rich enough and diverse enough to fuel us. Continue reading

Creative Strengths

tumblr_m6ofm8gLOl1rpy88co1_400_largeThe Journey of the Torture Writer Continues:

My creative strengths…

I know I have creative strengths. They have existed since I was a young child. Inside me existed poems and short stories, even novellas. And as I battled many years with my own deep dark depressions these creative strengths aided me in a way that I was able to get through some of my darkest moments, even long periods of madness. I fought to write, unable to produce anything that ever reached conclusions. And then…low and behold, a story came to me; a brilliant epic fantasy that seemed to go on and on. I sought help and found friendships along the way. I finally completed three NaNoWriMo’s and still yet I, with my cowriter’s help finished the first book of the fantasy series. Continue reading

In Which I Start Anew

torturedThis last week I got to try my hand teaching English to 10th graders. Not the whole class; more like the last 25 minutes or so as the lead teacher had to leave. The students are working on adverbs. UGH! I may be wrong in my assumption but I believe that most of the world loathes adverbs. Writers probably more so. Ha!

And yet, when looking for a title for tonight’s post I purposely used one. Anew. Definition: in a new or different, typically more positive, way.

For quite some time I have been burdened with this inability to do any real writing. No. I think that might be a lie. I’m not sure. I haven’t attempted it with my whole heart so perhaps it isn’t quite an inability. I just can’t find the motivation or inspiration to do so. I have all these ideas and even write down the story ideas but I do nothing with it.

My fantasy book, in which book two needs to be written, is torture for me. I can’t seem to find any umph or mojo to write this. Even with my writing partner, who BTW, has produced three chapters for this book already, and I can edit just fine. Yet my desire and motivation to collaborate by writing my portions…remains empty. It makes me feel so gloomy and dare I say…empty. Continue reading

Sharing the Love -Totally True

So today while I was surfing the social media sites I came across this TOTALLY TRUE blog that I just had to share with you. ❤

Mia Botha is someone I’ve always enjoyed reading. She has this site called Writers Write and you should definitely check it out. But anyways….She wrote a blog titled “Help! I married a writer!” in which she talks about her relationship with her husband. She is the writer, not him, but she talks about what it is like (probably) being married to someone who holds to the craft of writing.

This post made me look at things from the perspective of my own husband. I pity him, really I do. LOL She lists (BTW I LOVE LISTS) seven reasons why living with a writer may be challenging. Now, I will not go into detail about all seven because I truly want you to check out her site. The one I most connected with was ‘fictional trauma’ in which she explains the emotional stability (or lack thereof) when it comes to dealing with the traumatic occurrences a writer endures with their fictional characters. She states ‘They are real people-to me‘ and that was so true for me. My characters come alive. I tried explaining to my husband (on a few occasions) how such and such character really dropped a bomb on me and decided they were going to do…or that they weren’t happy being a small character, that they wanted to be the main antagonist.  Continue reading

Nano2014: Meet Elizabeth

Lie Beside Me Still

By Michala Tyann


Some shall be pardoned and some shall be punished – Shakespeare


e005221a8d7e12fae4eb94967bf0e78e.jpg (236×352)Chapter One

Bare feet pounded into deep copper-colored mud as she ran. A hole of the wet, grimy soil vacuumed Elizabeth in  slowing her down. She braced for the fall seeing the tree in front of her a moment too late before slamming her forehead against the trunk. Her forehead scraped down the bark leaving pain and blood in its wake. She fell hard but still looked behind her. She couldn’t see or hear them but she had given up on miracles and wishes a long time ago. He was coming for her. He would lead them to her. She shook her head and tried to fix her vision which was overrun by sparks of light even behind her eyelids. As she rubbed mud on her forehead to stop the blood she tried to gain her balance but fell to the side when she picked up a noise behind her.

Elizabeth pushed herself off the ground. Her long dress tangled around her legs and she fell back down; her knees taking the mud this time. Without a thought she shoved off and up again and made it to her feet. Looking behind her while attempting to get unstuck, a flicker of light caught her eyes. “No.” She whimpered. Her eyes closed instinctively and she almost fell back to her knees as was expected of her. “No. Not anymore.” She screamed inside her head the opposite of the mantra sucking her back towards the void. I am not the child of Rad. I am not the servant of Rad. I will not be his vessel. The words strengthened her and she started running again.

The deepening darkness swallowed her the farther into the forest she moved. Darkness no longer scared her though. Elizabeth’s only terror was behind her. She looked back and knew even though she didn’t see them, they were making their way closer to her. Her chest grew thick and the air refused to move out of her lungs as fast as she needed. She was forced to slow but cursed her body for betraying her at this moment. She wasn’t surprised seeing as how her body had been doing that exact thing for however long she’d suffered at their hands. At the very moment her mind conjured them she heard sounds again behind her. Her head turned and she saw, or thought she saw, white. They found me. Her feet continued to jam into the mud but she picked up speed.   Continue reading