Book Review: Bad Direction

baddirectionBad Direction
By Sherry Wood

Imagine if the oh so sweet looking and decent appearances boy band One Direction was really a bunch of vicious, blood-sucking vampires? Sherry Wood has imagined something just like that. In her novel. Bad Direction is a boy band from Britian. They are living it up and living it large their last night in London before going on an American Tour which includes a Cruise Ship stop. They are on the verge however of losing control as their behavior turns more dangerous and rebellious.

On the other side of the story is Ashley, who is sixteen and has won tickets to the ‘Jammy Party’ on the cruise ship and her mother Leslie,who is crazy busy with her work, a dead person, and trying to cope with the end of her marriage. The fact that her ex-husbands got a new, pretty, younger woman in his life doesn’t seem to be helping her get over him too easily.  Leslie, however reluctant to chaperoning her daughter and Ashley’s best friend, begins to see something in the band as well. Continue reading