Creative Writing Challenge: Day 4

inspiresI wasn’t feeling well at all yesterday, and while that is not too great of an excuse not to write, I still didn’t. So today I must do two. (I’ll do them separately, however.)


Gosh…I really sometimes just do not like this question. I mean, in what atmosphere are we talking about inspiration? I have different means of being/getting inspired.

When it comes to my family, my mother-in-law inspires me. I was around her the most when I was newly married. We actually lived with my in-laws so it was hard not to be around them. Sharon (rest in peace) had the most beautiful spirit. She never had an unkind word on her tongue. She was almost always in control of her emotions. She led her family with a servant’s heart. She rose early in the morning and prepared food for everyone. She tended to her home without complaint. And she never, ever missed her hour of prayer with the Lord. (It was always at 5pm, right after her favorite soap opera. LOL) Why did, does she inspire me? She taught me by showing and by leading and by guiding me. She helped me to be the right kind of woman, a Godly wife and mother. It was in everything she did and said that I learned how I should present myself to my family, to others, and to the Lord. I was so very blessed to have her in my life. Continue reading