25 Perfect Days Book Review

25 Perfect Days

byMark TulliusImage result for 25 Perfect Days byMark Tullius


Never have a read a book quite like this. Mark spins twenty-five short stories and in that is a feat in itself. However, it gets even better! He builds a foundation and then weaves his magic in 25 unique ways to tell the story  of what it looks like with a world gone crazy. Not just crazy…Totalitarian, or in other words, the government controls, manipulates, and has their way with all things human and inhuman.

Imagine your world is not private anymore. Your choices are not yours anymore. Oh, it gets so much worse. I was really intrigued by some of the brilliant ideas Mark used in some of his stories. I have some favorites, and I am confident if you read this book you will find some of your own as well.

This book gets a total 10/10 for creativity and uniqueness all the way around! Continue reading