Cuts Like A Knife Book Review

Cuts Like A Knife by M.K. Gilroy

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I want to first admit I’m not exactly in to whodunit novels. I was never a Nancy Drew kind of gal and Sherlock Holmes, though I appreciated the elements of the tales, never held my attention. So when I read the book blurb of Gilroy’s novel I almost sighed and wanted to stomp my feet like a kindergartener, “I don’t wanna!” So I was pleasantly shocked in how much I immediately took a fierce liking to Kristen Conner, who works as a young detective in Chicago. I was even more surprised by the subtle Christian background the novel encompassed. It’s not something I see often anymore.


Conner is realistic to such a degree that her character pulls straight off the page and the reader feels they are reading an autobiography and novel a fictional story.  She is very much relatable throughout the book beginning with her quick wit and opinionated dimensions. She’s got a lot of things on her plate and never once is she written as ‘superpower heroine’ who can snap her fingers and everything is solved. Nope, she’s got major flaws in her personality, she hides herself away from those who care for her, and she holds onto a dark secret that makes her inability to forge relationships or get close to those dear in her life. Continue reading

Worth The Weight Book Review

Worth The Weight (The Worth Series Book 1:The Nice One)

By: Mara Jacobs

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I read this book easily in just over one and a half days. Lizzie Hampton is a very real and easy character to relate to, especially for women who have had any battle with their weight. Though this story uses some psychological aspects when it comes to eating disorders, self-control, and self-identity none of them was too heavy nor did it cause issues with the likability in the reading of the story. Lizzie has done what all women with weight issues dreams of…she’s lost the weight. Of course, she constantly weighs, measures, and scans herself for any changes. This point is the very realistic side of the character. For her not to do such things would prove unbelievable and false. Continue reading

The Shattered Door Book Review

The Shattered Door

by: Lisa Bouchard

Image result for The Shattered Door by: Lisa BouchardThe world is made up of telepaths and nontelepaths.  There are some very powerful people who do not like the telepaths and want to bring them all down.  The Telepathic Corps is getting very uncivil in their approach to taking them out too.

Darcy and Olivai Morrison, twin sisters who also have their own (new) private investigators office are closet telepaths; not that they are ashamed of what or who they are, but they do value their lives.  Only it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them, and they have enough troubles already what with a asshole of a ‘mentor’ if you can call him that, a thug-boss on their behinds over a lost pet, and a load of debt with little income coming in.

To make some cash on the side they take on a job offered to them by Olivia’s boyfriend. George Wynton, the public  face of telepaths everywhere has been accused of a violent crime and Darcy and Olivia must find a way to prove his innocence so he is exonerated and freed. This is their chance to prove just how capable they are as women and private investigators so they can grow their business into something viable and one capable of sustaining them. Continue reading

An Abduction Revelation Book Review

An Abduction Revelation

by Thomas Hay

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I must admit I struggled a bit over this book. I didn’t struggle with reading it. Reading it was easy as the author made the story relatable to people, often times reminiscing about his past as he built his way to the meat of the story. Consider it an appetizer portion to the main course. LOL No, what I struggled with was whether the writer intended to make this a ‘real’ memoir, such as creative nonfiction-ish or whether it was all meant to be an attractive fantasy/sci-fi imaginative tale.


The reason why I say this is because the story is so very ‘real’ in the sense of his backstory. I could completely close my eyes and conjure up the scenery and the things he was speaking about. These memoirs are truly very realistic to a point and then you sorta start wading through the murkiness of what is fact and what is fiction. THIS is the true appeal of the entire novel. You’ve been reading so much that sounds real that when the writer throws you a curve ball you have to blink, stand back, and say…is that for real? This was the genius part to the book. Continue reading

The Witch Is Back Book Review

The Witch is Back by H.P. Mallory

The Witch is Back by H.P.Mallory (Book 4 of Jolie Wilkins Series)
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Jolie is thrust in the her past immediately in the beginning of this novel. She is back to her Tarot Card reading days in her Los Angeles fortune-telling business. Everything is back to how it was before she learned she was a witch and things are playing its course all over again. Except this time, instead of meeting Rand first…she meets Sinjin. She immediately feels the electric chemistry, as she always had but this time she goes for it. Sinjin scares her and she is shocked to learn he is a vampire; even more shocked to learn she is a witch.

And then, in walks Rand Balfour, who she can’t help but feel as if she knows him more than she does. Sinjin, however, tells her he is dangerous…tricking her with his magic. And she doesn’t trust him one bit after that. But Rand isn’t about to give up. Not after only finally bonding before Sinjin performed the spell to alternate Jolie’s past.

If I say anymore about this book I’ll surely give away some good stuff…and as they say on Doctor Who…No Spoilers!  I wouldn’t begrudge you the chance to read and experience everything for yourself. And believe me…this is one you definitely don’t want to miss! If you’ve read the first three books…this one is the one everybody has been waiting for. Sinjin gets his chance…his big role and Mallory doesn’t displease! Continue reading

It’s Nothing Personal Book Review

It’s Nothing Personal by Kay O’Reilley

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I’ve never been much of a medical drama/thriller kind of person to be honest. I’ve tried my best to get into these books but the genre just…or the writer behind the book has just never been able to grab me and hook me long enough to stick through the entire novel. Until now. OMGosh…First, the cover caught my eye and truthfully, everybody else’s eyes around me. Even my husband who doesn’t care much for reading said he wanted to read this book based on seeing the cover. LOL.  Continue reading

Falling Star by CJ Wright Book Review

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Meet Katie Jenkins. She, like many girls, has issues with self-confidence, wonders when a boy will look twice at her, and has a mom who works too much. But she’s different than most. She is special; at least according to her grandmother who passed away two years ago. Why, you ask? How, you wonder?

When her grandmother was alive she and Katie fooled around with tarot cards and eventually she learned how to read them herself.

“You have a gift,” her grandmother would reassure her. “There is something about you that is special, don’t be afraid of it, grasp it, relish in it.”

When her grandmother died, Katie had a remarkably weird experience. One she put behind her and never looked back at. Continue reading

Toil and Trouble by H.P. Mallory Book Review

Toil and Trouble by H.P. Mallory

Toil and Trouble (Jolie Wilkins, #2)


So I dived right into book 2 of the series and finished it in one day. It was totally awesome and I am already half way through book 3. But, again, let’s focus on this one. LOL
Jolie finds herself in the center of the underworld civil war and its all about her. While she still struggles with her feelings with Rand and his incessant ‘we can’t do this’ because of his torn emotions of love and his call of duty and she can’t help but wonder if he will ever come around.
It doens’t help that she has a very sexy vampire who is determined to have her as his own. The warlock and the vampire are constantly going at it. Sometimes it does annoying reading it…but Mallory does well to hold the readers attention and interest.

Jolie defends herself against some mega fairy magic and it nearly kills her. The impending war has increased all around her and the man she loves is refusing to let fight in the war. This just won’t do for Jolie as she is determined to exact her own revenge on the one man who nearly killed her and so she seeks the help of the one who Rand detests…the vampire that seeks to claim her for his own.
As if all this isn’t enough, she is in for the biggest shock of her life when she is ripped away from everything she knows.
This book was, if it is possible, even better than book one. I totally couldn’t put this down. I read it straight through…even though I had worked an all nighter and needed sleep for the next all nighter the following day. I just couldn’t stop reading. I would say that near the end…everything changed for a bit and I felt a bit of a culture shock. I didn’t like it at first but then I was amazed with Mallory’s tale-spinning abilities and saw just how important this piece was. Amazing.
VERDICT: YET ANOTHER 10/10. If I could I’d rate it 12/10…but that’s kind of impossible. LOL



 The Earth Shifter by Lada Ray Book Review

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With Ingredients such as deeply rooted cultures, paranormal abilities, and fantasy tinged with Sci-fi I find it hard for any avid reader NOT to enjoy such a book as The Earth Shifter!

The author opens up her novel in 1908 in which two very important men are discussing within the walls of the Vatican the coming of the prophetic ‘Key’ which is the only saving grace for the failing civilizations that thrive on our planet, Earth. A certain comet is set on its course: destination Earth and it is up to some very important beings in deciding whether they will allow the comet to continue its course or not. Continue reading