Marriage Story: A Film Review

I, of course, had to watch this movie since Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson are in it. I love both of their acting. Netflix tagline for the film: Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Noah Baunbach directs this incisive and compassionate look at … Continue reading

Devil by J. Paul Stephens

Devil by J. Paul Stephens

Image result for Devil by J. Paul StephensBook Review:
Score 8/10

Magdalene has been single for too long. When she meets James at a party she is both excited and cautious at how forward he is in his conversation. He immediately asks her out again and she accepts. The story thrusts the reader forward through lessons that she has learned.
We soon realize that James is one of those bullies who abuse their women. Magdalene is forced to do some pretty awful things on her birthday when James gives her a ‘gift’.  She suffers through the experience and even dissociates herself from the scene. After the birthday gift is given and James has his way with her yet again, he tells her that he expects her to resign from her nursing position.
James has now taken away from her every aspect including home, family, money, and now job. He owns her and she belongs to him and only him. She is now trapped in a constant state of humiliation and is prepared to die from his abuse.
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Looking Back

2017. Cripes, what a year! I’ve had some good parts through the year, but it’s definitely been a hard year for me. I read a lot of books this year which was super awesomesauce including my ultra favorite book series by Karen Marie Moning, Fever Series. Her book Feversong came out in January 2017 so my year started off rockin’. I totally enjoyed the new Beauty and the Beast film. I considered going back to school but opted not to, at least not just yet. I felt like my writing was starting off pretty rad in January because I had some huge writing spurts but never stuck with anything. And I definitely tried a variety of things to help. I also started watching Supernatural. I’d tried before and it didn’t stick, but this time around I enjoyed it immensely. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any of my family into it so I had to watch it all alone. Also learned that Peter Capaldi wouldn’t be coming back for another season of Doctor Who and had mixed feeling about it.

In February, I watched the Superbowl alone because my family all went to bed. Felt some great moments as a professional counselor but was constantly reminded how hard the field can be. Reread IT by Stephen King this month, too! Also did a Star Wars Marathon with my husband this month. Continue reading

Review: Sweetheart




“Chelsea Cain calls forth another thriller featuring the notorious serial killer Gretchen Lowell. Cain has laced this series with an intoxicating substance; one which will have you coming back again and again.”

He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “I need to take a shower,” he said.
“It’s down the hall,” she said. “Second door on the left. You’ll find everything you need.”
“My sanity?” he said.
She leaned forward as if to kiss him, but instead put her lips next to his ear, her cheek millimeters from his. The smell of her made him dizzy. Her breath was warm but sent a cold shiver down his spine.
“Long gone, darling,” she whispered.

After Cain’s mesmerizing novel Heartsick ending, we all knew that we hadn’t seen the last of the infamous serial killer Gretchen Lowell. After ten years of chasing down the Beauty Killer and then getting caught by the one he chased, the former detective Archie Sheridan still can’t get over the tie that binds him to her. In Sweetheart Archie’s best friend and detective Henry as well as his wife step in and stage a whole intervention scene. They are severing all ties between Archie and Gretchen. Henry explains that they are moving her to a place far out of his reach and banning all phone calls and visits with her. It doesn’t matter that every time Archie visits her she gives up another name of another victim. It’s just not worth it anymore. Continue reading

Review: Darkness Falls on Asylum

I do reviews for Louisville with a friend of mine. It’s another blog called Locally Louisville

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Anyway, since it is almost Halloweeen Louisville, KY has already began some amazing haunts this year.  If you are into haunted houses, trails, forests, and the likes…this site is a great place to look at some reviews and see which ones you should hit and which ones you might want to skip.

Danger Run 2014

I got to do my first Danger Run this year with my best girl Ashley.

We even decorated my car for it. I was the driver and Ashley the scavenger hunt clue reader. Together we solved the puzzles and clues and drove down windy roads…managed to get lost a few times, turned around other times (but aren’t you supposed to?) We made our way to the first haunted visit:                                                                                                                                  Darkness Falls on Asylum Continue reading

Is Capaldi Good Enough?

who3Note: There are SPOILERS here. Also, my thoughts bounce around. I viewed this episode first for pleasure and natural curiosity and then the second time I made my notes. Of course some of these thoughts will be out of order only because I am thinking ahead at times as I view this a second time





The introduction with the dinosaur spitting out the TARDIS was an interesting opening. I also liked that the viewer wasn’t privy to the entire who6scenes of the regeneration of the Doctor. And hello…when Clara opened the door, pretty hot look I thought. LOL However I liked when the Doctor opened the door. ‘Shush’. The whole confusion, his obvious lack of understanding of everything…I don’t know if I liked that really. I mean, I can completely understand Clara’s inability to trust the new doctor…I mean, he doesn’t even remember her. “You really let yourself go.” (funny). “You’re very similar heights”. The obvious laughable moments mingled in with the bittersweet frustrations Clara was feeling.

*Intro* I like the whole steampunk clockwork intro. Very nice. The dark sinister eyes was a plus…showing me, letting me agree with my original belief that this doctor would be ‘darker’.

“Why is there only a bed in it?” I don’t understand why the doctor doesn’t understand the concept of the bedroom. It was confusing. To me anyway. I mean, he understands who he is. The size of his brain would be like a piano dropping on her head…but he can’t understand the concept of a bedroom? Odd. Continue reading

Book Review: The Shattered Door

shatteredThe Shattered Door

by: Lisa Bouchard

The world is made up of telepaths and nontelepaths.  There are some very powerful people who do not like the telepaths and want to bring them all down.  The Telepathic Corps is getting very uncivil in their approach to taking them out too.

Darcy and Olivia Morrison, twin sisters who also have their own (new) private investigators office are closet telepaths; not that they are ashamed of what or who they are, but they do value their lives.  Only it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them, and they have enough troubles already what with a asshole of a ‘mentor’ if you can call him that, a thug-boss on their behinds over a lost pet, and a load of debt with little income coming in. Continue reading

Book Review: Bedding the Wrong Brother

By Virna DePaul
212 pgs
Fiction, Soft Erotica
Melina has a crush on a professor she works with but before she makes a move she is determined to have certain skills down pat. Her past three relationships have all had tanked in the bed and the only thing they all have in common is her. So Melina is quite certain her skills in the bed suck. So over some ice cream and discussion with her best girlfriends she decides to call upon one of her childhood friends to help train her in all the ways to please a man. Continue reading

Book Review: Don’t Let Me Go

Book Review: Don’t Let Me Go by Catherine Ryan Hyde

A run-down apardont let me gotment complex holds the most isolated tenants who live worlds apart even though they are right beside each other.

Each tenant has their own issues. Billy struggles with agoraphobia. Felipe lives with a broken heart. Ms. Hinman is nearly 100 years old, widowed, and fears the future when she will no longer be able to walk down the steps from her second story apartment. Mr. Lafferty hates all people. Eileen is addicted to drugs. And Grace is Eileen’s 9 year old daughter. She sits outside waiting to be noticed; waiting for someone to realize that trouble is all around her.

One day someone does. But is it too late?

This amazing story, by the author of the novel turned film Pay it Forward, will call out to your heart, tug at your spirit, and will pull you into the richly developed lives between the pages.

Grace is your typical poverty-stricken child who lives one day away from being removed from her family by the ‘system’ It is only when one woman, fearful of that very system and who doesn’t want to see Grace get lost in it steps up and takes it upon herself do the tenants become key players in Grace’s life. They don’t want to because a child is of course a burden and not their burden to bear but it isn’t long until Grace melt’s their hardened hearts and the phrase ‘it takes a village’ truly comes alive. Continue reading