Confession, Promise, and Goals


A great number to begin with!

Hi. My name is Michala and I’m a writer. WTH!!!! How the heck can I call myself a writer if I’m NOT writing?

I see that it has been an entire month since I last posted. That is just no good. I came back from my writing Conference with some great goals and boy did I fall flat on my ass!

I think I’ll wait until January 1st to make new goals and begin anew. NOPE…just kidding. It is always a good time to begin. Even to begin AGAIN. Yet, that is where I am at.

So here’s the scoop on the last month:

I quit my job at the hotel because I got offered a job as a full time counselor where I was interning. That means I am no longer working 7 days a week! How Cow, does that feel great! I love it. That means I can have more energy to write, yes? Continue reading

IWSG Post: Inside or Out

InsecureWritersSupportGroupIt’s that Wednesday again. Time to get some insecurities out….confessions r us! Be sure to visit the IWSG site  to read what others have to share!

I want to write. I want to write and write and write and I want to publish and make lots of money doing it. At times I think, “Why don’t I just write a cheesy little novel that is all vampire, or wolf, or Fairy, or whatever just so I can publish it and have a book done and sell it like crazy hotcakes on a winter’s day down in the south with Mama Jamma…!!! Why the heck not? It can’t be hard, right?


Then I realize the truth. I’m just not that kind of writer. And after I take into consideration that my novels are deeply layered story ideas that have a lot going on in them and that those are the type of books that are INSIDE me…then I sit back and sigh. I have two books written, two books that need editing, and I’ve got a few works in progress. I can either get lost in the maze of getting something out fast and publishing it and starting all over again…or I can take what I have inside me and write from the heart. Continue reading

Somestimes It’s Just Too Much

InsecureWritersSupportGroupI am tired. I am tired of the day after day after day of blogging, writing, worrying about blogging, worrying about writing, struggling to get posts up (ahead of time to save time), wondering what creative mess to write about on this blog or that blog, and sometimes it’s just too much.

I have to remind myself that it is okay to skip out for a day or two sometimes. We all need rest. We all need to unwind, let loose, and not write; not even think of writing or what to write or how we aren’t writing and we should be writing.

A few days ago it was my birthday and I wanted to do something for myself BEYOND writing. Continue reading