What Are You Doing?

In writing, I constantly try to learn and improve myself and sharpen my tools. Often I learn from reading from other writers. Recently I finished reading The Dark Half by Stephen King. I’d read it a long time ago but happened to get it for free and dived into it again. The story is about a writer who’s ‘killed’ off the identity he took on to write a particular series and the ramifications of doing so. It’s a great read if you’re looking for something for yourself. After finishing it, I had many thoughts about myself. For example, do I take on a different identity/personality when I am writing certain stories. I feel like we all put on a special ‘cloak’ that changes us when we are writing. Especially if we are writing something difficult.

As I write this now, it comes to my kind of my character Tarra, from my fantasy series. She’s an orphaned teen who is coming into herself, her powers as a mage, and her personal struggles of losing her parents. When writing her portions, I find I cling to the younger me, perhaps my inner child maybe. When I’m writing Anna, I am pulling on the life of a young, single lady who has strong emotions and desires.
In King’s book, he writes of the authors’Third eye’ and I loved reading about it and could absolutely feel that. As a writer, I do feel like it takes a third eye to create the illusions I do. Creating worlds, characters that spring to life, it is MAGIC. And magical. I can only hope that magic transfers appropriately to the reader.

I’m currently learning from Jerry B. Jenkins writers guild and love it. I’m focusing on increasing my brand currently while also learning to write more tightly. I’ve been out of the field for a while so these lessons are certainly helping me.

What are you doing with your passions lately? I’d love to see some pictures, read some passages, or whatever it is you are helping to fulfill your life. Even if it’s gardening, singing, cooking, WHATEVER it may be. Please drop a line and share!


Using Memories

memories“Where one secret lies, so do others.” (from my novel: Darkness Found)

The mind is a mystery. This much we all know and agree on I think. Our memories are held within the mind. Sometimes memories are repressed and come to surface days and even months later.

When writing we consciously put to use a lot of the things we have discovered, experienced, or witnessed. Our beliefs, our opinions, and even our ‘truths’ all become useful tools for writing. Whether you are writing a poem, nonfiction, or a fantasy novel the things inside your mind should be utilized as frequently as possible.

Not all reality is useful. Unfortunately, there is a lot of reality that is completely drab; lifeless examples which should be avoided at all costs. However the memories you hold have a unique way of taking on a life of their own. They can change, become distorted, or influenced by what others ‘remember’.

Believe it or not, the mood you are in one moment recalling a memory will take on different appearances mentally and when recalled under a different mood days, weeks, or months later will have a different feel to it. Continue reading