A Demos City Novel

by Jonathan Lister

Release Date: June 16, 2014

Target Reader: Adult

Keywords: Urban Fantasy, Werewolf


A father’s love doesn’t bend, so what happens when it breaks?
Corruption, dark truths, and a new Alpha mean Leon Gray’s days of running without a pack are over. At least, that’s what everyone but him believes.
He’d rather be helping his teenage daughter navigate the landmine life of a full werewolf, finish out his servitude as bodyguard to a former Demos City reporter and, in all honesty, not be taken advantage of by a beautiful woman who really only wants him for his body—figuratively and metaphorically.
Of course, the only way any of that might happen is if he’s dead. That’s likely given the information the reporter has unearthed and the territorial battles already underway between packs. If only Demos City’s corruption didn’t have such deep roots—older than the bones of the city or any of the werewolves who’ve decided to claim it. A city can only take so many power hungry mongrels invading it at one time, and Leon can only take so much knowing his daughter lives within its boundaries.
War has come to Demos City.
It’s up to Leon to fix … what’s most important to him.

Available formats

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Book Cover & Blurb: Unspeakable!


Mother’s Touching Journal of Anguish and Despair After Loss Is Shared in New Memoir, Unspeakable! A Mother’s Journey

For a parent, there is no greater fear than the death of a child. Unspeakable! A Mother’s Journey is the frank, heart-wrenching account of one mother’s painful, unfathomable journey after the loss of her daughter.

Columbia, MD – Kay Armstrong Baker, like many proud mamas, looked forward to taking the joyful leap from motherhood to a new role as doting grandmother. On Aug. 27, 2000, all her hopes and dreams suddenly dissolved into a nightmare of unremitting, unimaginable pain. Baker recounts the tragic death of her pregnant daughter and her struggle to make sense of life in the aftermath of loss in the frank, touching new memoir, Unspeakable! A Mother’s Journey, published by Outskirts Press.

A pleasant family dinner was on the agenda that fateful day for Kay, her husband, John, and her daughter, Courtney. Courtney’s first trimester had been plagued with arrhythmia, dehydration, nausea, and migraines and seemed only to worsen with time. When word came from Courtney’s roommate that she was in the ER again, her parents were naturally concerned. But Courtney always landed on her feet. She’d get through this, too. Continue reading

Book Cover & Blurb: Moonless NIght


What would you do if a man was there to help you was also a killer?

Melbourne, Australia – Author Floriminda Edar Reid presents her paranormal romance novel, Moonless Night, for review. Moonless Night is the first book of the trilogy – Moonless. This book is a love story with many twists, trials and tribulations, a fantasy romance of immortals, for young adult and older. Fear, loss, trust, promises, hate and love are among the emotions that strongly bind together the characters of this book. The story takes place in New Zealand, the country Ms. Reid lived for over twenty five years.

Concealed from the dark, the shadow waited outside the Theatre. After a period of time, the shadow moved swiftly away from the building as the two figures walked towards their car. Like a predator, the shadow watched.

The boy studied the girl in front of him. Yes, she was scared of him. Didn’t he hear her heart accelerate? She did not look at him for long but kept her eyes in the ocean. If she was scared, why then were her eyes sad and not petrified? The big rock they were on had concealed them from the passersby and motorists. He could easily crush her and no one would notice until the next day. His smile was feral.

Alana was intrigued of the mysterious young man that spoke briefly and coldly with her. She became obsessed to find out about him, and by the time she thought she knew him – it was too late. She was in the labyrinth with her own pursuit.

About the book:
Moonless Night by Floriminda Edar Reid
ISBN: 978-1-4567-8734-9
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Date of publish: September 2011
Pages: 336
S.R.P.: $15.66

About the author:
Floriminda Edar Reid, an avid reader who writes part time, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce and a Diploma of Professional Novel Writing and Publishing. She works full time in an international company. Moonless Night is her first novel. She and her daughter live in Melbourne, Australia.

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Book Cover & Blurb: Blue Farm

blue farm

Twin Teenage Prodigies Defend Their Unique Virginia Family: Blue Farm

Charles Anderson’s newest thriller sends the precocious Carlson teenage twins after their brother’s murderer as they find their first loves and suffer their first broken hearts.

Farmville, VA –Author Charles C. Anderson announces the release of Blue Farm, published by Outskirts Press. The third book in his award winning Farm series, the family saga of the Virginia Carlsons, Anderson’s newest thriller starts with a kidnapping and a murder that are only the first lethal threats to the Carlson clan, whose twin teenage prodigies, Jack and Ava Carlson, plan their own justice.

Preparedness is a way of life for the uniquely talented Carlson family, and their daily activities on their four thousand acre Virginia plantation are anything but routine. Andy Carlson, the father of the clan, is an emergency room physician and a former Navy SEAL. His wife Lindsey is a former CIA operative. After having seen thousands of helpless children die in the streets during Middle Eastern conflicts, they have trained their twins, Jack and Ava, to be warriors, not victims.

When their handicapped five year old son, Peewee, is kidnapped, Andy and Lindsey immediately pay the ransom, but days later the family finds Peewee’s body buried in their own family cemetery. They receive a message that he is only the first Carlson to be targeted. Andy and Lindsey fear enemies from their previous lives.

Father, mother and the twins join forces to track down the murderers and bring them to justice. Along the way Jack and Ava defend their own lives, stumble onto their first loves, and suffer their first broken hearts. Ultimately, they face the horror of who killed their brother.

The plantation depicted in the Farm series has been the author’s family home since 1743, and novelist Anderson is an expert on Colonial Virginia, the Civil War, limestone caves and military weapons and installations, all key elements in his fascinating Farm thrillers.

About the book:
Blue Farm by Charles C. Anderson
ISBN: 978-1-4787-2208-3
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date of publish: January 2014
Pages: 303
S.R.P.: $15.95

About the author:
Dr. Anderson is a retired naval officer, an emergency physician, a critical care physician, and a weapons specialist. He is an expert on Colonial Virginia, the Civil War, limestone caves, and military installations in Hampton Roads, Virginia, all key subjects in this novel. The plantation depicted in this book has been his family’s home since 1743. His first book, The Farm, was awarded the 2013 Readers View Reviewers Choice Award and the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Award. The second and third books, Nuclear Farm and Blue Farm, are being released together, with more books to follow in this series.

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Book Cover & Blurb: Condemned Property?

trimmer 02 03 14


Veteran Shines Light on Lasting Effects of Vietnam War in New Book

A decorated Vietnam War veteran shares his perspective on the conflict — including how it continues to affect those who served in that unpopular war — in this new book released by Dog Ear Publishing.

Twinsburg, Ohio – Veterans of the Vietnam War, now in their mid-60s to early 70s, made it through that dreadful conflict but were changed forever. Some tried to push their memories away, only to be haunted by what happened in South Vietnam, while others want to speak but find few who will listen. This new book by Dusty Earl Trimmer, himself a Vietnam veteran, shares his experiences and what it’s like to live as a survivor of a very unpopular war that continues for those who served in that tropical country.

Condemned Property? provides a stark portrait of combat and its lingering effects on veterans, including the author. For instance, Trimmer changed jobs almost two dozen times because he couldn’t find or keep a job with few employers wanting to risk employing a “crazy” Vietnam veteran and he nearly killed himself in a high-speed sports car accident. Many of his fellow survivors came back unable to work, becoming homeless and unable to care for themselves. From descriptions of combat maneuvers to accounts of everyday nuisances – such as leeches and bathing in Agent Orange run-off and refuse-filled rivers – and the hostile welcome veterans had once they came home, Trimmer brings the war to life in vivid detail, as only someone who served there can do.

Trimmer writes that he wanted to publish the book to preserve memories of the Vietnam War veteran’s generation as those veterans are dying every day, as well as to inspire them to never give up if they are trying to get help from the Veterans Administration. In Trimmer’s continuing effort to help his fellow veterans, a portion of proceeds will be donated to disabled veterans, homeless veterans and highly rated military charities such as Army Emergency Relief, Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and the Wounded Warrior Association.


About the book:
Condemned Property? by Dusty Earl Trimmer
ISBN: 978-1457525339
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Date of publish: November 2013
Pages: 484
S.R.P.: $29.00

About the author:
Author Dusty Earl Trimmer, who grew up in Cleveland and Twinsburg, Ohio, served as a combat infantryman with the 25th Infantry Division from 1968-69 in the Vietnam War, often serving as point man. Those two years, more than 30,000 Americans died in battle. He worked as a marketing and sales consultant, earning sales achievement awards, and formed his own company in 1987 representing high-level multibillion-dollar trade publishing companies. Trimmer and his wife, Ginny, married in 1984. Although this is his first book, he published an article in 1991 in “Vietnam, Our Story – One on One.”

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Book Cover & Blurb: If You Were Me and Lived in…India

roman 1 02 03 14

Children’s book author introduces Indian culture to young learners

Carole P. Roman adds the country of India to her series of children’s cultural education books in If You Were Me and Lived in … India

BETHPAGE, N.Y. — The world is getting smaller, thanks to speedy travel and Internet connectivity. As the increasingly global, multicultural environment takes hold, Carole P. Roman, a former social studies teacher and travel buff, presents a book that opens up an exotic country in South Asia. In If You Were Me and Lived in … India, Roman takes kids on a virtual excursion, with cultural information that will captivate children from 3-to-8-years old and beyond.

This lighthearted guide teaches children about other customs in a way that is approachable and inviting. The book is written in a crisp, natural voice that respects the intelligence of readers. It doesn’t talk down to children, as it speaks to many different interests. They will discover popular Indian foods, holidays, activities and landmarks. Other information the book introduces includes the capital, currency and even some common Indian names.

As valuable for teachers as it is for their students, educators can use the book as a launching point for lesson plans, global exploration and cultural awareness.

“Children love this book because it doesn’t inundate them with information,” Roman explains. “Parents or educators can expand or contract to match the intellect and interests of the child.”

Knowledge is power, and this book offers children powerful lessons in how life is both different and similar for children in India.

About the book:
If You Were Me and Lived in … India by Carole P. Roman
ISBN: 978-1484930861
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of publish: January 2014
Pages: 28
S.R.P.: $9.99

About the author:
Award-winning author Carole P. Roman adds another country to her groundbreaking series of children’s cultural education books. The series includes If You Were Me and Lived in … Mexico, which was awarded the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs Pinnacle Award for Best in Children’s Interest in 2013. Roman lives with her husband, near to her children and grandchildren, in Long Island, N.Y.

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Book Cover & Blurb: Diary of Stuffles B. Snippet

diary of stuffles

Unique Little Teddy Bear Cheers Up First Grade: The Diary of Stuffles B. Snippet

Children’s author Kathie Brown introduces young readers to a somewhat serious little teddy bear who uses his writing magic to help children with the most difficult of their problems.

Stafford, VA – Children’s author and educator Kathie Brown announces the release of The Diary of Stuffles B. Snippet, published by Outskirts Press.  Brown’s new full color children’s tale presents a unique teddy bear who is able to write to six year old Emily and help her feel better about herself.  Emily takes Stuffles the bear to school to also help all her first grade class.

Six year old Emily is going through a bit of a rough time.  Her grandmother Millicent Withers owns a local teddy bear shop. Mrs. Withers orders a warm, fuzzy bear to help Emily, but instead of the cuddly bear, Suzie Snuffles, arriving, Emily gets a rather somber Stuffles B. Snippet. Continue reading

Book Cover & Blurb: Small Moments

quale 02 13 14

A Child Remembers “The Help”: Recollections of the Civil Rights Movement

Nashville, TN — Mary M. Barrow’s white, upper middle-class family was not unusual in the 1960s—she had a father who worked, a mother who stayed at home, brothers and sisters, and a full-time live-in African-American nanny named Amelia. Barrow is now a professional writer and a past board member for the National SEED Project for Inclusive Education (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity). This month, Barrow’s collection of stories from her childhood titled Small Moments: A Child’s Memories of the Civil Rights Movement is being released by Wise Ink Creative Publishing, just in time for Black History Month.

Small Moments is a retrospective chronicle of the sometimes-startling and sometimes-subtle ways racism was evident during the era through the eyes of an unknowing child. Barrow says, “Racism stole my innocence and replaced it with a deep sense of sorrow, mistrust, and alienation. Amelia’s life seemed endlessly sad, though I did not understand at the time how much of my pain was caused by racism.” Barrow believes that “confronting racism helps to establish an honest reality” of the world we live in and the past that shaped it.

Fans of Kathryn Stockett’s 2009 The Help will appreciate Barrow’s Small Moments. Containing an interactive Q&A, Book Club Questions, and a Reader’s Guide, Small Moments is a valuable tool to commemorate the steps made to combat racism in the 1960s and to educate readers about the lasting effects of racism, classism, and sexism. Continue reading

Book Cover & Blurb: The Ancient Secret of the Leprechauns

ancient secret

New children’s fantasy: The Ancient Secret of the Leprechauns

Sterling Heights, MI – Author Mahamad Ali Elfakir releases his latest children’s fantasy, The Ancient Secret of the Leprechauns.

Long ago, during the time of the dinosaurs, three leprechauns—D’Arcy, Lorcan, and Scully—built a hidden home on the top of a mountain inside of a gigantic boulder. For millions of years, the three friends have risen each day to greet the sun and set sail to their secret island at the end of the rainbow, where they play all day in a sparkling pool of gold. But when the leprechauns forget to secure their island before leaving one evening, they are in for a terrible surprise the next day—the gold is gone!

D’Arcy, Lorcan, and Scully will have to face rough seas, sharks, a gigantic sea monster, a massive octopus, and the dreaded Captain Sea Gore and his pirate crew in their quest to recover the treasure. It’s up to Squawky the rainbow bird to teach the friends how to work together—and that through teamwork and perseverance, they can overcome any obstacles that come their way.

About the book:
The Ancient Secret of the Leprechauns by Mahmad Ali ElFakir
ISBN: 9780578122168
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date of publish: February 2014
Pages: 37
S.R.P.: $12.95

About the author:
Mahamad Ali Elfakir was born in Detroit, Michigan, in January of 1975. He is an entrepreneur who is blessed with a wonderful wife and amazing children. Mahamad’s books include Blueberry Bubble Gum and Stinky Fumes. The Ancient Secret of the Leprechauns has been a childhood vision that’s finally coming to life.

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