Book Cover & Blurb: Silent Impact

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Veteran Broadcaster Joe Schmit’s Search for Untold Stories of Influence

Minneapolis, MN – Veteran broadcaster Joe Schmit has released his first book, Silent Impact: Stories of Influence Through Purpose, Persistence, and Passion. Known for an Emmy-award-winning career spanning over 30 years and a commitment to community service, he has spent his life exploring and promoting the ways in which people can make the world better by “taking stock of who they are and what impact they are having on others.”

In Silent Impact: Stories of Influence Through Purpose, Persistence, and Passion, Schmit uses his own experiences — such as a battle with cancer and involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters — as well as stories from other legends such as Joe Mauer, Bart Starr, and Paul Molitor to teach readers about influences. According to former US Congressman Jim Ramstad, these stories “inspire you to new heights and greater purpose.” Schmit says, “All the stories are about ‘impact players’ — people who made everyone around them better just by being there. Sure I have stories on Hall of Famers and Olympians, but I want people to realize that you don’t need to be world famous to be world class in influence.”

The movement behind this book, known as the Silent Impact, “is all about being intentional about influence, recognizing its source, and realizing its potential,” Schmit says. For those interested in exploring more of what this means for their audience or organization, Joe is available for interviews, speaking engagements, and book signings.

About the book:
Silent Impact by Joe Schmit
ISBN: 978-1940014098
Publisher: Wise Ink Creative Publishing
Date of publish: February 2014
Pages: 144
S.R.P.: $22.95

About the author:
Joe Schmit is an award-winning broadcaster, community leader, and popular keynote speaker. He has won fifteen Emmys from the National Television Academy and a National Headliner Award. He is a past president and board member of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Twin Cities and a past president and board member of the Fairway Foundation. Joe is also a member of the PACER Advisory Board and the Minnesota Vikings Advisory Board. He and his wife Laura are currently chairing a $7 million capital campaign for VEAP, the largest food shelf in Minnesota. Joe earned his degree in mass communications from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

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