Book Cover & Blurb: Diary of Stuffles B. Snippet

diary of stuffles

Unique Little Teddy Bear Cheers Up First Grade: The Diary of Stuffles B. Snippet

Children’s author Kathie Brown introduces young readers to a somewhat serious little teddy bear who uses his writing magic to help children with the most difficult of their problems.

Stafford, VA – Children’s author and educator Kathie Brown announces the release of The Diary of Stuffles B. Snippet, published by Outskirts Press.  Brown’s new full color children’s tale presents a unique teddy bear who is able to write to six year old Emily and help her feel better about herself.  Emily takes Stuffles the bear to school to also help all her first grade class.

Six year old Emily is going through a bit of a rough time.  Her grandmother Millicent Withers owns a local teddy bear shop. Mrs. Withers orders a warm, fuzzy bear to help Emily, but instead of the cuddly bear, Suzie Snuffles, arriving, Emily gets a rather somber Stuffles B. Snippet.

Mr. Snippet, however, is a teddy bear with one unique talent.  He is carrying a red diary and a gold pen. He writes to Emily and cheers her up.  Soon all the children in Emily’s first grade class are introduced to Mr. Snippet.  He converts them from bored, unsociable students to excited and friendly children.  The serious little bear not only helps children through his writing magic, he also relates humorous tales about the other bears in Millicent’s teddy bear shop to keep the reader entertained.

Brown’s heart-warming tale is charmingly illustrated in full color and is geared to primary school children. It also is a helpful teaching aide for both parents and teachers.

About the book: The Diary of Stuffles B. Snippet by Kathie Brown ISBN: 978-1-4787-2965-5 Publisher: Outskirts Press Date of publish: February 2014 Pages: 33 S.R.P.: $13.95

About the author: Kathie Brown taught for forty years in the primary grades and at the university level.  The journey of a teddy bear was a successful classroom project that inspired the writing of this book. Kathie is married and has two children and six grandchildren.

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