What Are You Doing?

In writing, I constantly try to learn and improve myself and sharpen my tools. Often I learn from reading from other writers. Recently I finished reading The Dark Half by Stephen King. I’d read it a long time ago but happened to get it for free and dived into it again. The story is about a writer who’s ‘killed’ off the identity he took on to write a particular series and the ramifications of doing so. It’s a great read if you’re looking for something for yourself. After finishing it, I had many thoughts about myself. For example, do I take on a different identity/personality when I am writing certain stories. I feel like we all put on a special ‘cloak’ that changes us when we are writing. Especially if we are writing something difficult.

As I write this now, it comes to my kind of my character Tarra, from my fantasy series. She’s an orphaned teen who is coming into herself, her powers as a mage, and her personal struggles of losing her parents. When writing her portions, I find I cling to the younger me, perhaps my inner child maybe. When I’m writing Anna, I am pulling on the life of a young, single lady who has strong emotions and desires.
In King’s book, he writes of the authors’Third eye’ and I loved reading about it and could absolutely feel that. As a writer, I do feel like it takes a third eye to create the illusions I do. Creating worlds, characters that spring to life, it is MAGIC. And magical. I can only hope that magic transfers appropriately to the reader.

I’m currently learning from Jerry B. Jenkins writers guild and love it. I’m focusing on increasing my brand currently while also learning to write more tightly. I’ve been out of the field for a while so these lessons are certainly helping me.

What are you doing with your passions lately? I’d love to see some pictures, read some passages, or whatever it is you are helping to fulfill your life. Even if it’s gardening, singing, cooking, WHATEVER it may be. Please drop a line and share!


Living with Monsters/Little Victories

Possible trigger warnings It’s been a bit of time since I last blogged. Three days shy of an entire year. Obviously a lot has changed in our world. I’d like to say a lot has changed for me as well, … Continue reading

Shaken Book Review

Shaken (Mind Reader #1)
by Susan Hatler Image result for Shaken (Mind Reader #1)

I scrolled through the books on my Kindle and blindly chose this book to read. It was a generously ‘free’ download I’d acquired a while back ago. (Not sure exact date). It goes for $3.99 currently on Amazon. I strongly believe it would be a well-enjoyed $3.99 although it would be even better at $2.99 IMO (in my opinion) because it wasn’t all that long a novel.

It is a YA genre novel and one that was decently written. Kylie, the protagonist in the book is in the beginning not very bright IMO. I struggled with the first four or five pages because it seemed ‘off’ but I pushed through the early beginning and am glad I did. Kylie is a neat character with sarcasm, honest emotions, and is entertaining to say the least. The reader gets to see her at her worst and best and for that the character was a solid A for me. Continue reading

Unspoken Book Review

Unspoken by Kerrigan Byrne Image result for Unspoken by Kerrigan Byrne

Warning: This is a novella, not a novel. It’s total length is about 60 pages give or take a few.

I’ll admit I normally read the book blurb as well as others’ reviews before I go and decide to read a book. That doesn’t mean I won’t read it at all though. That was the case for this book. I saw a number of poor reviews; many citing extreme erotica and redundant sex scenes. They may have been talking about the trilogy as a whole or maybe not. Who knows. I do know that there were no explicit sex scenes. I have read a lot of erotica and this was not erotica. It did showcase a very touching sexual scene but the words were not vulgar and the scene not explicit. It was written with good taste IMO and I wanted to clarify with the people who are reading those reviews that the truth of the matter was: 2 sex scenes and nothing lewd. Continue reading

Coming Home Book Review

Coming Home (Jackson Falls #1) Image result for Coming Home (Jackson Falls #1)

 by Laurie Breton

There are some books that are just so easy to put down and get back to life’s chores, work, my own writing, and all the other fuss. This was most definitely not one of those books. From the moment I turned to the first page I was totally and wholly and irrationally absorbed into Danny and Casey and Rob. The story was wrote with such detail and such emotion I can’t help but again express my fondness for the story. An entire lifetime in in the pages of this book; from the moment Casey made the decision that forever set her on a course of living a life as a rock star’s wife to that moment when she finally gave in to the horrible truth of what her life had become.

The writer really knows how to tug at one’s emotions as she told of how the three lives were intertwined and how of the complicated decisions they make, often sacrificing their own happiness for their love of another. It was easy to forget this was just a story and much better than sitting in a movie theater. The characters were 3D…coming off the page and making incredible marks on my heart. Continue reading

The Blue Blazes Book Review

Book Review: The Blue BlazesImage result for The Blue Blazes (Mookie Pearl #1)

The Blue Blazes (Mookie Pearl #1)

by Chuck Wendig

Oh how good it is to be back in Wendig’s realm! Man, I can’t begin to say how glad I was to open up his newest novel The Blue Blazes.

From the beginning, the first words, the novel was intriguing and made me want to crack open an online mythology course and learn more of this world but I’m way too busy reading Wendig’s novel right now to do that! LOL I did allow myself to do a bit of research on some names and found some interesting stuff. But that’s for me to know and you to find out.

Brilliant opening to the novel. Mookie Pearl is a huge monster of a man and is taken down so very easy…by none other than Nora. But she doesn’t go by that these days, at least not on the streets. No, his daughter goes by the name Persephone . And that’s just the first chapter.  Already I am loving the names and the connections to the Underworld. And I am curious as to how the ‘descent and the Underworld connects to Mookie. And even though his daughter takes him down, it is only briefly and I soon learn that however someone might go about taking him down…you can’t take him down for long and like hell are you gonna take him out. Continue reading

Blakewood Book Review


Blakewood by Sable GreyImage result for Blakewood by Sable Grey

Immediately upon opening this novel I was quickly pulled into the story. The author has a very excellent way of grabbing the reader’s attention. This immediately begins my rating at a 9. Let’s see where we go from there…

Elizabeth is a confident, headstrong woman who knows what she wants. She has expectations (even if they are somewhat…this is all I’ll get and I’ll be satisfied with it kind of feel to it) She goes into this new job as a governess and accepts her role immediately. However there are odd things, unique person’s who she can’t help but be curious about.

She meets two men, very different from each other and yet there is a very intense connection between the two that she just can’t seem to understand or shake. Of course, with all the thrills of ‘two guys and a girl’ story lines, this is very much that storyline. Continue reading

So Many Reasons Why Book Review

So Many Reasons Why

by: Missy Johnson

** This book contains themes such as sexual abuse, drug use and language that make it suitable for a mature audience only.**

My Personal Review:
By Michala T.

I’ve never read a novel that has an emphasis on agoraphobia so it was like covering new ground in an inviting and entertaining method. I found the back story of the main character, Emma, to be perfectly balanced throughout the story. The author didn’t overpower the plotline with the sordid details of what happened to her when she was younger. Instead she gives us slivers of memories in brief spurts throughout the book.  This was a method that I liked and felt was well-played.

Some readers may feel conflict in the quickly-developing relationship between Emma and her college professor however I didn’t feel that way at all. I’ve been privy to some private true stories of people who, in realy life, developed intense emotional connections to another person over the computer and for me this aspect of the story was pretty much in tune with the realities of online chat and email experiences. It can happen. It doesn’t alway, but it can. For this reason I didn’t have a hard time following this aspect of the story. The professor even clearly admitted that what he was doing was wrong in many ways. People will do things, even knowing that it is wrong, especially when emotions get involved.

Emma is young, stifled in her home in which she never leaves, and is very stressed due to the impending release of her attacker. Seeing her attach her emotions onto something else was something I also could appreciate as being potentially valid in real life. Again, I had no problem with this storyline. The relationship storyline was at times very…erotic and…wow. I would definitely NOT let my teen read this. It is definitely for adults only.

Now, where did the story lack, again, in my personal opinion:
It took me a while to really connect with Emma’s friends Cass and Tom. With that being said, I think Emma was very fortunate to have friends like these. I won’t say this was a very negative influence to the story. They weren’t at all the vital characters in this novel so to not grow attached…well, it doesn’t knock my verdict score down much. I did connect pretty well with Emma’s grandma and in fact felt she added a very comedic feel to the small scenes she was in. I think the author could have developed a parallelism using Emma and her grandma better if she had attempted to.

There were small points in the storyline that I felt was completley unwarrented and not needed at all. The emails to the distant relative and how she played into the story…it was all very useless in my opinion. The author did however try to twist everything together and I suppose in some small unrelative manner she did.

The pre-ending….hmm. I felt that Emma overcame some very BIG steps in too brief a time. Perhaps if I saw a little more movement throughout the story I would have accepted her ‘heroic’ attempts. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I also don’t know I felt about the wrap-up before the end. I think the best way to summarize it was…not totally worked out mentally before writing it out.

The end itself was bittersweet. It was good. I liked Emma’s choices, though hard they were and I’m not sure if everybody would make such a decision. I liked that her choices were supported. I liked that the author had the guts to leave it the way she did. Open to interpretation. Stories are alive and they continue, if written well, even after the story is over. This author attempted it and I felt she did it well.

My overall verdict: 8/10


25 Perfect Days Book Review

25 Perfect Days

byMark TulliusImage result for 25 Perfect Days byMark Tullius


Never have a read a book quite like this. Mark spins twenty-five short stories and in that is a feat in itself. However, it gets even better! He builds a foundation and then weaves his magic in 25 unique ways to tell the story  of what it looks like with a world gone crazy. Not just crazy…Totalitarian, or in other words, the government controls, manipulates, and has their way with all things human and inhuman.

Imagine your world is not private anymore. Your choices are not yours anymore. Oh, it gets so much worse. I was really intrigued by some of the brilliant ideas Mark used in some of his stories. I have some favorites, and I am confident if you read this book you will find some of your own as well.

This book gets a total 10/10 for creativity and uniqueness all the way around! Continue reading

Chasing Nikki Book Review

Chasing Nikki

By Lacey WeatherfordImage result for chasing nikki

Chase Walker gets hit with a huge blow when his father dies. Instead of dealing with the pain, grief, and loss he falls into drugs and alcohol. His once charmed life and great future tanks and he finally gets hit with a wake-up call when he is arrested for drinking and driving.

Though he walks away unscathed for the most part he gets a crap-load of community service. If that wasn’t bad enough, his mother decides to ship him off to live with his grandparents. Anger, resentment, and hatred course through his veins.

With a new environment and a lot of community service hours, Chase is trying to both make a place for himself in his new school and still holding true to changing his life for the better. It’s hard though because after living with numbness, one doesn’t want to give up that and actually feel things. Continue reading